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“Travel is the Acquisition of Memories.”

–Wanda Mattiace


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Favorite Travel Products




#1-Protect your credit card information!!


Did you know that thieves can scan your credit card information from up to THIRTY FEET away??

RFID wallets have a nano-thin layer of metal wedged in between an inner and outer layer of paper technology, which interferes with the transmission of radio frequency waves. Furthermore, it is thin enough to keep from weighing down your purse or pocket.


If you would like more information or would like to purchase one of these wallets, call Wanda at (575) 521-1400.  She would be happy to help you keep your identity and card information safe!





#2- Sleep well in the middle of chaos!


A family doctor created these comfortable, high quality headphones to help his patients fall asleep naturally, without the aid of any drugs.This headband with built in speakers connects with mp3 players, cell phones, iPads, tablets, notebooks, and laptop computers to create a relaxing environment while on the road or traveling in a plane.

Call us for details!




#3- Hanging Travel Bag


No need to unpack when you are on the road with this hanging cosmetic bag. There are separate compartments for all your travel needs, including makeup, shampoo, face cleanser, etc. This nylon bag with the beautiful floral design is made from lightweight-yet-durable fabrics and has easy-access U-shaped pockets, and a ribbon-like leather zipper.


#4 - Charging Adaptor with USB

An adapter, converter and USB charger all in one! 




#5 - Alarm Cock

It's small, light weight and easy to read in the dark. Pack an alarm clock because you'll never know how much you need it until you don't have it.

Alarm Clock


#6 - Binoculars with built-in Digital Camera

Binoculars with built-in digital camera enlarge the view up close and you instantly snap close-up photos of wildlife, landscapes, or seascapes.



When shopping for your travel gear, try Magellan's for a breadth of products to suit almost every need. 


Another great site is TravelSmith. They have clothing, luggage, RFID bags and wallets, and so much more.