New UV Robot Helps Sanitize Surfaces and Air


A new ultraviolet disinfection robot has been launched by Ava Robotics to help with COVID-19 cleaning demands for many businesses. It is expected to become widely available between April-June of 2021. Click on the title of this paragraph for more information!

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Digital Health App "CommonPass" Completes Trial; Industry Executives Approve


A digital health app intended to accelerate a safer opening of international borders, CommonPass establishes a standard method for lab results of COVID-19 tests/vaccination records to be certified across borders.

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American Cruise Lines Returns

Watch this travel advisor overview to see what's new!

Fuel Your 2021 Wanderlust


Windstar Ships were designed for social distancing. Small ports, small ships, and ports off the beaten path. Experience an extraordinary cruise while keeping safety as a priority. Contact Adventure Travel today and sail 180 degrees from ordinary!

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Travel within the United States! 


Cruise News!

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Adventure Travel Recommends

LARQ Water Bottle

Check out these purifying water bottles that neutralize bacteria using UV light.

Clorox Wipes

Stay healthy while you travel! Bring some disinfectant wipes with you.

Travel Vest

Travel safely and stay organized with these Travel Vests! 


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